Business card
At the beginning of July, I launched my website All the research, Excel and data visualization offerings and blogs will be on this website. So I had to get started with promoting this website. And it was also a good reason to make new business cards because I forgot to put my e-mail address on the last business cards made. I was already looking around for business cards when I received an email from Read More
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Vegetarian food
I have been eating less meat for a long time, but didn’t no how to vary with vegetarian food.  I’ve never really liked large cuts of meat. So when I saw the call to try the book 4 Weken Vega (sorry Dutch book, 4 weeks vega) I was ready to try it. When it comes to vegetarian food, I often do not get further than dishes with cheese, egg or ready-made meat replacements. So I was Read More
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Business is starting to pick up again in terms of work. The second quarter turnover was better than the first, but still feeling the Coronameasures. Everyone is working with some kind of new normal (corona rules) to get back to work. And also I’m going to do some exciting new projects in the 3rd quarter so follow me on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and my blog for the announcements. Niks met cijfers One of Read More
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Krespi's Kitchen Instagram Cooking class
I had the taste of taking Instagram courses after the travel writing course and finance course. So when the opportunity arose to join the Kespi’s Kitchen cooking classes via Instagram for 5 weeks to test the course, I signed up. Instagram cooking class Normally, Kespi’s Kitchen’s Instagram cooking class lasts 3 months and you get 13 recipes and bonus recipes. The course is done on the private Instagram account Recipe Week13 to 27. You buy the Read More
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There are a lot of books and movies out there about slavery and even some blockbusters, but today I want to share with you 5 less known slavery stories. Harriet tubman Harriet Tubman is a brave woman, who liberated herself from slavery. And after that dedicated her life to free more slaves and fight for rights for black people. There are books and movies about her. So you can choose to read about her or Read More
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Groceries always come out more expensive than you had in mind and then you also forget some ingredients and you have to go back and take too much with you. Do you recognize this? Then these tips are also useful for you. Make a weekly menu By deciding in advance what you will eat, you only get the products that are needed for your meals that week in the supermarket. You no longer have to Read More
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I would like to share with you my bucket list for after Corona era. Actually, it is more of a goal list next to a wish list. There are financial goals, but also travel goals. This list is the result of many hikes where I had a lot of time to think. Goal 1: Reach FIRE before I am 50 Fire stands for Financially Independent and retire early movement. A few years ago I had Read More
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Student debt
Last week I took part in the student debt challenge of Maaike van fuck that student debt (fuck die studieschuld). I have been following her for a while and saw the challenge and thought Lets see. The challenge consisted of 7 assignments in 7 days. Here are the challanges and how I did them. Challenge 1 No spending The first day was immediately a tough challenge. You weren’t allowed to spend that day. Neither cash, Read More
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Chocolate fair
For the second time I couldn’t stop myself from going to the Chocolate fair in Amsterdam in February. It is a fest for your eyes, nose and stomic. I tried a lot of chocolate that are not sold in The Netherlands (yet). I also love the stories behind the chocolates. Every chocolate there has its own story and the people displaying their chocolate are more then willing to tell the story. Most of these stories Read More
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Walk & bike fair
This year I went to the Mountain climbing conference in Nieuwegein as well as the Walking & Cycling Fair in Utrecht. Both fairs brought inspiration and insights into what I want in terms of walking. Mountain climb congress Indeed, it was mainly about hiking and climbing in the mountains. Climbing is not for me, just like walking in the cold and rain. Still I went there with a purpose to see if I could find Read More
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Cascais Sintra
Cascais is the escape city for Lisbon, Portugal if you want to be by the sea. I traveled twice to Cascais. The first time for a hiking week with Wandelen naar Inzicht and the second time when I started the Camino Portuguese, coastal route in Lisbon. The beaches are beautiful along the coast. Some are dramatic with the sea beating op the rocks. The sea blasts against the coast with lot of force. A beauty Read More
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No, I am not eating more Unfortunately, was it that easy. That I started eating more and by eating less I could regain my normal figure. I even eat less than before, because I am quite afraid of gaining even more weight. It seems that every time I eat something I gain a kilo. No, I don’t exercise less I certainly do not exercise less. I walk an average of three long walks a week Read More
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Retroprints Printfabriek
Would you like to try out our retroprints in exchange for a blog on your website? Actually yes, I wanted to print some pictures for my house. So the retroprints seems like a good idea. Pick out photos It’s always a lot of work figuring out photos. I was allowed to have 2 sets of 8 retro prints printed at the Fotofabriek (Photo Factory). Okay it turned out to be some pictures of family, friends Read More
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Caracasbaai peninsula
I would like to take a long walk on Curaçao. In the meantime, there are about three organizations that offer this, but all their walks are on the other side of the island. Without a car you will not get there at 7 am the starting time. In addition, there are no marked routes, so walking alone is not an option in unknown nature reserves. And then I come across one on the peninsula of Read More
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1 percent turnover to charity This year 1 percent of my turnover goes to charity. A different charity each quarter. In the first quarter, 1 percent went to the Food Bank Curaçao. From 1 April to 30 June 2020, 1 percent of the turnover will therefore go to the Wegloophuis (Runaway House) in Utrecht. Introduction to Wegloophuis At the beginning of 2017 I had a psychological relapse and my anti-squatting contract in Arnhem expired. There Read More
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Calculating in Excel
1st quarter 2020 The first quarter of 2020 started with me as a digital nomad working on Curaçao. That means a lot of work on own projects such as my website and digital cleaning. Besides of course enjoying the sun and company of my family. There were also three paying assignments, namely: Check Laudius Big Data course homework. This is a course that I developed in collaboration for Laudius in which the basis of Big Read More
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I have been to Spain before and every time I discover new things that I would like to do. That’s why I like to share the 7 things I would definitely like to do in Spain. Visit Gibraltar I would love to visit Gibraltar. It seems unique to me. And well it is actually a piece of Great Britain in Spain. Must be unique to be in a Mediterranean Great Britain and see Africa across Read More
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5 type wandelaars
In my opinion there are 5 types of hikers among the hikers. I would like to share with you those 5 types of hikers you can encounter on a walk. The time hiker This kind of hiker wants to start on time. Preferably the first and also the first to be back. This walker is all about getting off the trail as quickly as possible. Often they hardly talk to other walkers. The fun hiker Read More
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Heerlijk weer
My dream is to escape the winter. I did that all winter in 2013/2014 by going to Australia and New Zealand. And nowadays I do two winter months Curaçao. But that is not enough, because there is still winter … I have therefore come up with 5 reasons why I should live in southern Spain in the winter. Speak Spanish I am fluent in Spanish. There is certainly room for improvement and I am working Read More
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4Daagse gevoel
  While walking my 2nd Four Days Marche I have thought of 7 reasons why you should walk a 4 Days hike in your life. The feeling of the 4 Days You must have experienced the feeling of the 4 Days in your life. It is a separate feeling of togetherness. We do this together and we will all reach the finish. It is uplifting each other when necessary, sharing stories and especially walking and Read More
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Torenallee, Eindhoven
How do you say goodbye to Strijp-S in style? I lived in Strijp-s, Eindhoven for 2.5 years and saw the marathon runners and runners passing by, but never organized walkers. After my move I found out that the Eindhoven marathon has a walking edition the Saturday before the marathon. The perfect farewell in style! Walking edition marathon of Eindhoven So I registered for the 20 km. The perfect farewell in style, because with the 20 Read More
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1 percent turnover to the Food Bank This year I want to donate 1 percent of my turnover to charities chosen by me. I am fascinated by PayItForward system and think it is something super! Every now and then someone does something unexpected beautiful for me and I want to give this back. This time I do this by giving 1 percent of my gross turnover to a good cause, namely the Food Bank. In Read More
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Databeet intro


Databeet story

Databeet story The Databeet story begins on August 13, 2012, on the day of the left-handers. I myself am left-handed, which gives this day extra meaning. Before this date I came up with a name and had a logo made. Oh and I already had my first assignment! Origin name Databeet The name Databeet in a pun on Alphabete and good with data. The idea came to me during a yoga class. We were in Read More
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Hiking Ricefields Ubud
Ubud, hike through the rice fields Back in 2014 I was fierless and went on a Hike through the rice fields of Ubud. Ubud is a very busy city, with lots of tourist. Also it is the centre of religious Bali and art community. Back then it was also the place to be for digital nomads. Busy Ubud But I was looking for rest and quietness. That is when I discovered that there was a Read More
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Reisverhalen inspiratie
Inspiration I follow a Travel Stories course on Instagram. There we were asked who inspire you with their writing about travel. I had to think about it, because I immediately thought of books, but I read more about being an entrepreneur than about traveling when it comes to books. Until I figured out blogs are also stories and so slowly came to the surface who inspired me. Claudia from My adventures across the world My Read More
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