Welcome to Wandering Guiselaine. I wander through countries, cities, Excel and research. You can read all about this in my blogs.

You can browse my website in English or Dutch as you desire. The blogs are for the moment in English or Dutch. I am working on having the blogs in both languages.

Nowadays my focus with Databeet lays with Excel, Research, Investing, and Travel. Follow my journey through these subjects by reading my blog. You may learn something new. Or follow one of my workshops or hire me to do something with Excel or research for you. I work location indepent (online) as well as on location. No problem wandering to another country than the Netherlands or Curacao where I am based part of the year. Feel free to contact me!

If you want to know more about me visit the Databeet page, the Guiselaine page, my CV (English or Dutch) and the list of past clients.

As a bonus you can find a lot of free stuff on the page Hints and interviews with experts.

1% of my turnover excluding VAT realised between April 1 and Jun 30 2020 goes to the Wegloophuis Utrecht (Run away home). I wrote a blog about why I donate to them.

*The name of my website used to be Databeet, but I do more than data alone. So I choose a broader name that includes everything I do.