Guiselaine Capella

Working from everywhere

Guiselaine Capella

Working from everywhere

I don’t have an office. My office is my laptop, my mobile phone and the cloud (for storage of my files). So even in Holland I am free to work from everywhere. And I do that also a lot. Sometimes I go to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or other city just to work from there and most of the time I combine that with being a tourist in my own country by visiting something or taking a tour.

In Utrecht my favorite places to work from are:

On the road I develop my own favorite places, most of the time this is:

  • My hotel/hostel room
  • Lobby of the hotel/hostel
  • Small cafes
  • Parks
  • Co-working spaces


With this lifestyle there are a few challenges to overcome:

  • I myself struggled with staying grounded, so I decided to keep a room in Holland where I can always return to, to call home.
  • Other issues nomads struggle with are that in order to have health insurance, have your company subscribed to a country. You have to have an address, except if you live in Estonia. There they have e-citizenship. Later on in the summer Eunice Frijde and I will be making short movies about why the Netherland should also introduce e-citizenship. You can also help by signing this petition.
  • Another thing that can be difficult, but don’t have to be is maintaining long distance relationships with friends, family and lovers. If people are not familiar with internet or don’t like it, it will be difficult to keep contact. Both party have to be willing to put the effort to keep this relationships sane.
  • If instead of having your own company, you work in contract for others it can be difficult to obtain a working visa in some countries.

The future

With more and more people not getting that lifetime contract and the pension being more and more a myth. More and more people will be starting to work location independent or at least work from contract to contract even if that is in the same town. So we should be working on the rules of countries to accommodate this lifestyle.

What else?

There is going to be a first ever international conference for Digital Nomads (DNX) in Berlin, 1 august 2015. Also there is a cruise ship leaving from Gran Canaria to Brazil full of digital nomads going on a digital detox (because of the prices of internet on board ). It’s a cool cruise and cheap. So if you are interested to know more about the lifestyle you can join them or connect with me. I am more the willing to tell you more about my lifestyle.

And to answer the question in the title I call myself a data nomad, because I travel a lot, even in Holland I travel a lot and I work from project to project on data-analysis, data-cleaning, data-visualization and WordPress website. So even my work is nomadic and I love that, being able to work with different people and different project all year round.

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