Digital diarrhea

Digital diarrhea

There is so much online! We could spend our entire life searching online from birth till dead without doing anything else.  Having so much information online is a good and bad thing. Good because everybody can read up about a subject. So people can know more about the subject that interest them. But there is also a lot of crap online. This is where you have to decide when reading something online if it is ok information or crap. There is no directory for this. Everybody has to investigate this for themselves.

Another thing what can happen when you look for information online is that you keep looking and start going for parts of the subject you were interested in instead of the subject itself.  Then you find something and Google that, and find another thing and Google that and so on. It’s a bit like diarrhea, it goes on and on. This is when information over flow comes near.

So the best thing to do when researching a subject online:

  • Have a list of keywords you are going to look up
  • Set a time limit on your search
  • Go for good information and not crap ones
  • Is your source reliable?
  • Have a lot of different opinions on a subject read them all and form your own opinion on the subject.
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