Why I recommend to do some volunteer work?


Why I recommend to do some volunteer work?

Volunteer work is part of me. I volunteered at my tennis club and by Wwoofing and Workaway in Australia. Although the last two are paid with food and lodging. It is still volunteer work, because it is not like paid work and its mostly work you can’t find paid workers for. But its work that must be done to reach the goal of the organization, not profit. With Workaway at the restaurant and cabin lodges on Kangaroo Island it was building up a ruined and abandoned place. We were the third group working on it. All for the benefit of tourist sector of Kangaroo Island after another hurricane.

The benefit of volunteering is that you do work you usually don’t do in your normal paid job. Also you get to interact with strangers and have to collaborate with them to get the work done. If you like them or not, but the respect for each other and the work done by everyone is what you take with you for life! The respect for life!

Another type of volunteering is volunteering at my tennis club. This is volunteering in field you work. There is not enough money to pay people for it, but it gets done! It’s something you do and than after a while think what am I doing, I have taken up 6 tasks instead of the 2 you meant to do. And the funny thing is you sometimes fight with your other club members for that one odd volunteer task there. All gets done, the club still exist.

Although it is tiring sometimes I would still do volunteer work on travels, at my tennis club or at a NGO I like. Maybe you should join sometime and have the experience of your life I had.

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