Why ethnicity still matters to me


Why ethnicity still matters to me

Is ethnicity a world problem or not?

In this world not everybody is as equal as anybody. By saying this we admit the world sees the color of people. This means that there is an ethnicity problem. Sometimes it is self-inflicted, but most of the time it is out of the unknown which scars us. Not being the same color scars us, because of what we read in the paper and the stories we tell each other about some ethnicity groups.

Books about ethnicity

Lots of authors have dedicated a book on this subject. These books are written from the point of view of the ethnicity of the writer mostly and not the majority white look on life. If you are interested and want to know what people of other ethnicity go through in their life you should definitely read some of the following books.

The color purple

This book is about ethnicity after black and white were declared equal in US. Some of the issues mentioned are still taking place in the USA of today.

Zwarte makamba

This is a Dutch book written by an author from the Dutch Caribbean. It is about being black and living the white way according to the surroundings.  The setting is of a black man who studied in the Netherlands and came back to the island he was born on, but can’t seem to fit in anymore. His doing is according to others on the island European Dutch instead of Islandic.


Another book from the Islands. This one is from one of the famous writers on the Island Frank Martinius Arion. His book also deals with the color difference that still lives on the island. Discrimination based on color and wealth is something that the Islanders inherited and keep alive from the slavery time. A good book that uses the setting of the domino game as a comparison to life chances.


This book deals with the same topic from an African woman’s view. She can’t fit in in US and decided to go back, but there she is to American. Living between two countries something people who migrate deal with in their life.

De zwarte met het witte hart

This one deals with a black man living in the Netherlands during the war. He integrates completely, but still is seen as black. But inside he is totally the same as his white mates around him.

Why ethnicity still matters to me

These books are all the view of the writer, but they are not far from what I experienced being born on a Dutch Caribbean Island and living most of my life in the Netherlands. You are born Dutch, but still on the outside people see a foreigner. Not all the time and times are changing with people traveling a lot. Slowly but surely the world is changing into a more diverse place where all ethnicity will be treated equally.

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