What makes a wwoof experience in the middle of nowhere so special!


What makes a wwoof experience in the middle of nowhere so special!

I booked my first wwoof place via email. It was near Palmerston in the Northern Territory of Australia. Near Darwin for Australian standards, but for me a girl who lived in Curacao and Netherlands with other standards for near. It seems rather far traveling for two hours to get there and then having to be picked up by car and travel further by car for a short ride.

Why book something so far away from anything?

Just wanted some quiet time to get accustomed to the time difference, being in Australia and wwoofing without distractions, have a rest and meet the rural way of live in Australia. All that was accomplished in the 5 days I stayed with Fiona, her daughters, grandchildren and 11 dogs. Oh I forgot the two cows :-).


What kind of work do you do on a wwoofing spot?

It depends where you are and what needs to be done. Mostly you help were they need a extra hand or do chores they don’t have time for. At this place I helped with setting up a Christmas pottery fair and breaking it down after the fair, polished a lot of trophies and the kitchen cupboards and cleared the weed out of a small part of the 5 ha garden.

Digital nomad Australia

What you get in return?

You get to be part of the rural community and an inside in there life and way of living and thinking. Had lot’s of interesting conversations ad the pottery fair with others making also pottery for the fair. Besides that I had lot’s of time to rest do some work for Databeet and writing blogs! And especially reading and just enjoying the view of being surrounded by nature!


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