What do you want to achieve in 5/10 years?


What do you want to achieve in 5/10 years?

The question “What do you want to achieve in 5 years” is often asked during job interviews in any variant. Have I always answered this question honestly? No and yes!


No of course not. In such a conversation you give the desired answer. What did I do beforehand? Viewed the website, the annual report and the puppets that work there. What do they think of their company, quite easy to get out of their communication channels. Oh yes, nowadays Social Media is also among them. Do they fall for it? Never, because what happens when you give the desired answer. They go into something else or they keep asking you how you can do that in their organization. What will they saddle you with? That you will almost describe their position as ideal instead of the position you are applying for. Oops, not the candidate that we want too much competition, we already have too much in the company.


It is best to come up with a variant that makes you different from the previous 5 candidates they spoke with, because yes they are corny after 4 previous conversations, especially if there was already a candidate in between or totally NONE. Your chance, they will emphasize it differently and if you have prepared yourself well and they give you the chance then you can finally get to the point. Discuss the project that you have applied for. The latter is the crowbar, how well you and they can guard your limits in the conversation. At that moment it is really you against them until you are hiredYes

The e-mail, phone call a few hours after the conversation. We have 2 candidates for the next round next to you and the conversation is with 3 other colleagues of a little more caliber. The latter can be seen by the way in the function names in the e-mail they send. Is it very no, because if you are the ideal candidate, the introduction is done in 10 minutes or less and you have ended up in task description. The last 10 minutes, because we really have to get back to work. Your person who has been asked exhausted is asked what your last earned salary is. What did I come up with? I still try to provoke them, because I had thought so neatly in role-playing games in business economics. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t make them call the first number. And yes, they must always discuss it, because no you ask a much too high salary, even the director does not earn so much!

Next day

When can you start? We can offer you this if you can start within a month. Satisfied? Yes both sides, but yes I have been talking on both sides of the table for years and they have known that from the start. So if they are seriously interested, I will always be presented with a reel bot and that small space to ask for something more in terms of salary and benefits.

1st day

We had contact a month ago. The secretariat sends instructions as to what time I am expected and that everything is arranged. The pass is ready and I will be picked up. We have a number of discussions and together we draw the project out on paper for the division of tasks. We have lunch, a few more names pass by. The moment suprême: the computer switches on and yes my login is still in the making, no longer valid, etc. Only a proposal round?

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