Van Gogh in Neunen


Van Gogh in Neunen

Van Goghs Neunen

This summer I heard from two sides that van Gogh had lived near Eindhoven. Herstelreizen did a day trip to Neunen where van Gogh had lived and this landscape was the stage for many of his paintings. And the second place I heard about Van Gogh’s Neunen or actually read was the newspaper. Eindhoven wants to annex Neunen to grow, but Neunen does not want that. And so even Van Gogh was called in as a reason not to belong to Eindhoven.


So I went to Neunen myself this fall to experience the special aspect of the relationship between Van Gogh and Neunen. The first thing I noticed with the bus from Eindhoven to Neunen was the meadows, fields and new housing constructions. I think Van Gogh would not have liked the new building as he was particularly interested in landscapes and the harsh lives of farmers.

Vincent Van Gogh Center

My first stop was the Vincent Van Gogh Center. Where you can learn more about the time of Van Gogh in Neunen. The relationship with his father is also discussed and how the villagers saw Van Gogh. Tales have even been recorded of two people Van Gogh knew from the village.


The village Neunen

After the Vincent Center you can take a 5 km hike outside of 12 places that were important to Van Gogh. There is a column with extra information at each of these 12 locations. You look through the eyes of Van Gogh to Neunen. Pillar 11 is special, that is the parental home of Van Gogh and you can also visit it on Saturdays to go inside. Those who live there then open it up to a number of visitors.

Van Gogh in Brabant

If you want to discover even more Van Gogh places in Brabant, there are, for example, columns 17 and 18. The Van Gogh cycle path and the water mill. These are a bit further away. You must visit the cycle path in the dark to discover the effect. I hope to visit these places and more Van Gogh places on my walks from Eindhoven.


Neunen really gives you the eyes of Van Gogh to look at the landscape he has painted. I hope the fields and meadows will not be lost in the future. And I have not been able to develop an opinion about whether or not Neunen should be annexed to Eindhoven.



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