The places you see on TV


The places you see on TV

Have you ever been to a place you saw first on television? I have and it is always different than on television. I had on my travels the opportunity to see a few of these places you see often on television or in movies in person. Some were better than seen on screen and others not.

New York

Let me start with New York. I had seen this city in lots of series, movies and TV shows, but the one that stuck with me was the scenery of New York in Friends. When I was in New York back in 2006 I went to the Friends neighborhood and it looked just as seen on tv. It felt nice being there and seeing it with my own eyes.


Other place I had seen only on tv was Australia and my imagination ran away with the place. In 2013/2014 I had the opportunity to see it for myself what a beauty and emptiness. Just as I imagined. I used to watch lots of Tennis when studying for exams, So when in Melbourne I took the opportunity to visit the Australian Open. The stadiums are bigger in persons and the ball goes faster for one side to the other than on tv. I am not new to visiting Tennis matches. I had been to Roland Garros, ABN Open Rotterdam and Rosmalen, but still it was overwhelming. Seeing all the stars from near and seeing matches in person.


The one place which was different from what I saw on Television during the news was Red Square in Moscow. Before going there I thought it was a huge square. But it turned out to be a small square surrounded by buildings. I was a bit disappointed with it.

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