The pace of walk


The pace of walk

The Camino had always appealed to me not for religious reasons but for spiritual one. I always thought I would go to get some closure and before starting a new chapter. I thought I would go in 2014 in fall, then in spring 2015 I started arranging but didn’t go till this year. It was time! Two routes always spoke to me the coastal route in Spain and the Portuguese route. Both because of the coast and more nature and less people.

My preparation went mostly in looking for accommodations I could book up front with single room to ensure a good night sleep. And trying to walk as much as possible along the coast. Also I walked every day for 1,5 hour to get in the rhythm. Till Golenga it was what I thought it would be solo walks with some chats.

But a cold and the interactions on the Camino caught up with me. Although I enjoyed it a lot it was too much for me. And then I thought I can make my own Camino walking a few stages shorter. Taking the train/bus when the route didn’t appeal. Also making sure I didn’t walk in the industrial suburbs. Also making sure I walked the last 100km. Still it was around 660 km walk without the training and walks to touristic landmarks and supermarkets. Oh and not to forget the getting lost parts.

The Camino has a lesson for everybody mine was that I needed to be more in touch with what my body is telling me when it needs to rest. Something I will never learn I think, looking at my track record walking the ‘4Daagse van Nijmegen’ and playing too much tennis tournaments in the Summers.

So I still need to slow down my pace more in sports or maybe in life too sometimes. Follow my own pace in life instead of taking the pace of the people on my path and then I will be ok and I will enjoy life more is something I learnt after slave labor was over and I started being an entrepreneur. I think it would be easier for me to get the slowing done part right in entrepreneurship and working for a boss than in sports.

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