The no worries travel


The no worries travel

On my logging list had always been Australia, not only for the Australian Open, Uluru or Great Barrier reef. But also for the mystery of the country with its red dust roads and lots of open space. Something we don’t have in the Netherlands space to see nature with all those people living on square km.

To dive better into the Australian culture I thought of doing some seasonal work there or volunteer work, but for seasonal work you have to be under 30 years, So volunteering was the option available. I looked at the options and decided to go with Wooffing and Workaway.

Looking back at my sabbatical volunteering was the best way to get to know the country and fall in love with it. I fell immediately in love with the first place I was volunteering in the middle of nowhere. Fresh from Darwin airport I walked 20 minutes to the bus stop and took 2 busses to Palmerstone where my host picked me up for a car ride for about 2 hours.

The open space, the neighbor 10 km from each other, the small cattle in the garden, what else do you want? In the afternoon we went to the garden center where the pottery market would be for the next 6 weeks. I was welcomed in the most difficult Australian dialect I would here on my whole travel through Australia. It took me a whole day to get used to how they talked but loved the talks about politics, their life in Australia and the beauty of the nature nearby.

The whole time I was there we would make the ¾ hour drive twice a day, bringing pottery and setting them up at the garden center between rain showers. There was a cyclone coming and another had just passed. Cyclone season, something I forgot.

The start of the Christmas pottery market was two days later. Standing there helping the shoppers was a wonderful experience. Most of the shoppers made a 4 hour drive to get here for a talk about what was going on in the region and of course to buy some pottery between the showers.

It’s very nice to see how Australians interact. It is very different from the Dutch way or the Curacao way I was brought up with. I think the No Worries way they have, suits me better. I would love to go back doing some more Workaway or in a paid job, but definitely see more of the country.

It’s an experience of a lifetime so you should definitely go for it if you have time for volunteering. Workaway is a safe way to volunteer. Don’t forget to talk with the host about the important things like sleeping arrangement, what the work is you are going to do and for how many hours, if they can pick you up, the surroundings if there is something you want to see there. And also important the diet they cook in. I was lucky that all my Workaway experience would be considered about me not eating rice.

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