The magic rock in the middle of nowhere


The magic rock in the middle of nowhere

Alice Springs, that where I have to be, in the heart of Australia. The nearest city to Uluru, still more than 300 km apart. But that’s near to Australian standard. So I am ready for a 21 hours bus ride from Palmerston (near Darwin) to Alice Springs to play tourist for a few days!

And indeed as the bus gets further and further from the coast, the green gets replaced by the typical red sand of the outback. And then you’re in Alice Springs a small little town, know only by tourist for Uluru.


What else is there in Alice Springs?

Well it’s one of the headquarters of Flying doctors and they have a museum about the flying doctors there that is quite interesting and apparently there was a big cricket test there between the Aussies and England, but I didn’t see it. Because I decided to take the tour to Uluru and the Kata Tjuta.



You read and see pictures of it. So you can’t go there without expectations. After 4 hours of driving you get the first glance of Uluru, what a beautiful rock standing there in the sun. The nearer you get, the more impressed you get. I was on a tour with 18 people and 2 guides. After driving around it, seeing the Kata Tjuta and read and hear at the information center about the history of the place. You get to walk around it. It was magic being so close to it, see it change colors with weather condition changing and sun position changing. I have never seen a tourist group of 18 people go quiet at the same time because they where so impressed by the magic of it! You truly feel you are on a special place on earth.


There are somethings I find strange around the place. People are still aloud to climb the rock, although a lot of people died climbing it through the years and with every dead the sacred place has to be cleaned of bad spirits. So it’s a risky business climbing it and you don’t show respect to other peoples culture. More and more people decide not to do it and just walk around Uluru, which is the respectful thing to do in my opinion.

Another thing I find strange is that although the place is given back to the original inhabitants, aboriginals. They are not the ones showing you around and sharing the history of the place with you. You get to see the place all through the eyes of others.

The last thing I was annoyed with although I can get it that the pronunciation of the local name of the rocks can be difficult is that on tourist demand they still use the European given name instead of the local name. Uluru is still called Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta is called the Olga’s.

But still it is worth visiting, it is truly a magic place!


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