The job you always wanted


The job you always wanted

You grow up learning that education is everything for that big house, the 40 hour job, the 1.3 kids and the dog and cat. But is that really what you want and society needs? Zombies doing all the same way every day like in the book the circle from Dave Eggers.

It’s your choice! Try it and if you like it stay in it. But if not go look for something else. What makes you thick? What is the real meaning of life for you? What is it you want to dedicate your time to. Thinking about these things happens to everybody, but the time you want to dedicate to it depends on who you are.

I choose my own path in life. What is yours? What thicks you? The alarm clock in the morning, the fancy car? The big house? No, been there! Not my choice, but maybe yours. Society needs difference in humankind.

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