The island girl and her love for the sea


The island girl and her love for the sea

Hey Island girl!
Do you like or hate the sea?

I guess everybody from an island has a love or a hate relationship with the sea, but all islanders grow up with a respect for the sea.

I was born and raised on Curacao an Island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches and rough sea on the Northside of the island. I guess I was brought up with love for the sea.

Now on my travels through Australia I got to the small city of Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island and got to live there for a few days at 100m from the sea. What a joy!

The first thing and last thing I did was visit the small beach to greet the sea each day. The four days in Penneshaw I got to do short beach walks in the morning, yoga and meditation on the beach. And in the evening I would do a short beach walk again some meditation, reading and learning (trying to get my Spanish to professional level).

Seeing and hearing the sea makes me happy. I love both the calmness as the roughness of the sea. They both calm me down. It’s so mighty and nothing mankind can do to conquer it totally.

It was wonderful and totally energetic being there! Especially with the dolphins getting into the bay almost every morning. Guess I am one lucky girl to have experienced this. 

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