The hunger knock


The hunger knock

3 weeks in Mexico was the plan, a week with fellow travel enthusiast Claudia, to meet Wonderlijk Werken and then travel alone. So think crazy and look for meditation and yoga retreats in Yucatan, Mexico. I found one in Rio Largatos, a small fishing village. I wanted to avoid all the tourist area during the holidays for at least a few days so it sounded good.

So continue reading: Astanga yoga, laughing yoga, meditation and fire ceremony. Didn’t sound bad, yoga and meditation fine that works well. laughing yoga, some doubts and fire ceremony sounded interesting. so booked.

The time had come, three local buses further, half a day traveling between Mexicans alone was tiring but worth it.

The introduction, nice people and first yoga and meditation went well. I even survived laughing yoga as an introvert. It went wrong for dinner. Everyone who reads my blog or knows me knows that rice is one of the few things that I don’t eat. And I really do NOT eat. So I asked when ordering to replace the rice for French fries. The yoga instructor asked the same. I was very hungry so I was already looking forward to my fish al diablo (very spicy fish)!

To my horror, the rice was placed in the middle of the plate next to five pathetic fries and some vegetables and my fish. But it was surprising that the yoga instructor only got French fries and no rice. How she well and I not!

So I ate everything far from the rice, which meant going to bed hungry! ;-( I know I can’t call it hunger, by Western societystandards) … Next morning on a banana and tea laugh yoga and meditation. Fortunately the shakes came, delicious shakes before we started working with Astanga yoga. Famished, I then started my hotcakes for breakfast. Throughout the weekend I was no longer hungry by all the activities with the three meals a day.

Lesson of the day make sure you bring snacks to such a retreat even though all meals are included!

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