Guiselaine capella

The good and bad times

Guiselaine capella

The good and bad times

I always thought Australia was the continent with permanent hot weather, boy what was I wrong. I started by arriving in the Darwin region when rainy season was in full swing, lots of rain and a small cyclone coming! Then in the south the summer started really late this year, leaving me one day wearing my jacket on the beach :-). But when summer finally kicked in I could experience the hot Australian summer fully, no worries about that! Loved it!

Wwoofing was nice in both places I did it, but left me sometimes exhausted and craving for some quality time on my own, no worries I got that later in other places.

Australians are very friendly, but still my experience with customs when returning back from Bali left me exhausted and wondering! I got a warning that yes I could do volunteer work on my tourist visa as I was doing, but that shouldn’t absolutely not turn into paid work in Australia. No worries wasn’t planning on staying in Australia!

Like I blogged about before it’s sometimes hard to pick the right place to get a decent sleep, because you can’t judge the hostels always up front on their quietness and sometimes there is nothing else left. Luckily the distances are big in Australia and Greyhound buses are good to catch up on sleep. No worries!

The first time I saw that the toilet and drinking water was available for free. I was surprised and looking for catches, but it really is and bbq in parks too and showers there and Wi-Fi in libraries, museums and galleries. And most museums, galleries, parks and a few tours are also free. For someone living in Holland were for all this services you have to pay, this was heaven!

But what mostly amazed me about this country was nature and the animals walking around in the wild. Lots of kangaroo, wallabies, koalas, dolphins, sea lions, possums, etc. Saw all of them in wild, no worries!

I can say my total 2,5 months Australia was an amazing experience to never forget! I will always have the fond memories of the people, the animals, nature, Australian open and the distances, the free stuff and the experiences. Thanks Australia for having me!

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