The ButterflyEffect


The ButterflyEffect

My life has been a rollercoaster for a while after I had a psychotic episode in 2010 during a vacation. It wasn’t all bad what happened. It helped me realize that I shouldn’t be dreaming only of doing something in the future. But that the future is now.

I started making small changes in my life. The first thing I looked at were how can I live the life I want without being concerned about what others think and how are the relationships in my life? This was the hardest part and took a lot of time and therapy to change into what I wanted, but it was worth while.

The second change in my life was that I finally had the courage to start my own business. Thru doing this a whole new world opened up for me. The world of entrepreneurs mostly people following there dream and working with passion on something.

The last thing I did that was part of the ButterflyEffect leading to my choice to travel the world as an entrepreneur, was to go to Cuba alone at the start of 2013. This was my first long trip alone again after falling ill in 2010.  It turned out to be one of the best presents I could have given myself. I got inspired by the country, the locals and two travelers I met there Marc and Claudia. I loved the way they looked at the world. Back home I decided to do something with the inspiration but in a manner that suits me and not just copying them.

The rest is history and now I am in Singapore combining working and exploring my surroundings. I must say the first glance at this lifestyle feels good.

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