The bus


The bus

The mode of transport I like best is the plane with the long-distance bus afterwards. Both are great for sleeping. You have your little piece of yourself. I can also read on the plane, but not on the bus I get nauseous.

All that’s left is to look outside, watch the world and sleep. I like to do both. You often see and encounter the strangest things on the way.

For example, the bus driver in Cuba pulled off the bus in which I was sitting to buy fruit and vegetables at his good convenience at a roadside stall. As if no passengers were waiting on the bus to reach their destination.

The reactions on the bus were also wonderful. Special how everyone reacts differently. And also how you react differently because you are now on vacation and have all the time. Some could not cope and complained. Others got out after a while and also bought fruit. Still others let it pass by.

Another fascinating use of the bus is in Australia. There the long distance bus is also the postman who takes the mail to distant remote villages. The bus stops at the post office in the smallest villages and delivers the mail there. This also happens when the bus hits the village in the middle of the night. The newspaper is also distributed in this way. It shows efficiency in the distribution of mail and newspapers.

You can see all this by taking the bus and letting everything pass by and observe it.

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