Australia, Noosa

Taking me seriously

Australia, Noosa

Taking me seriously

Hello there,

I want to share some facts with you, before I get to my story. I am now in my third month traveling as an location independent entrepreneur. Tomorrow I start my last week in Australia. I traveled through a lot of nice places around Australia and when I needed a break from Australia, I took a three week trip to Bali. Bali is an amazing place, nature and culture wise.

Besides traveling, seeing and experiencing a lot. I worked for my clients in Holland on ongoing project I had started before I left. But now that the projects are coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about marketing of my life as an location independent entrepreneur. Which is quiet difficult, because even my friends still see my traveling as a vacation. Wonder why 🙁 ………

Maybe this has something to do with the pictures and videos I post of beautiful places I have been to. And maybe because with the choice for this kind of life came also less stress, getting to know myself better and room to learn a few new skills like video editing, meditation and advance Spanish.

Or maybe it has something to do with how I spend my day :-). Yes, if there is a beach or a park, I will do the work from there if I don’t need a computer. And yes, I start my day with long walks or yoga/meditation on the beach, before I work.

But still I am working, not fulltime anymore from a dull office [Sorry had to say that ;-)] like in Holland, but from inspiring locations all over the world!


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