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I follow a Travel Stories course on Instagram. There we were asked who inspire you with their writing about travel. I had to think about it, because I immediately thought of books, but I read more about being an entrepreneur than about traveling when it comes to books. Until I figured out blogs are also stories and so slowly came to the surface who inspired me.

Claudia from My adventures accross the world

My adventures accross the world by Claudia. Claudia inspires me by daring to take the step from academic lawyer to blogger. She calls herself an unsuccessful backpacker, but has become a successful travel blogger in the space of a few years. In 2013 I met her in Cuba not happy with her life at the time and it clicked and we kept in touch and about a year later we both opted for change and she was a travel blogger. Claudia describes extensively the locations she visits in her travels and of course also Sardinia, her island.

Suzanne van Free girl (Vrije meid)

Another blogger who inspires me is Suzanne from Vrije meid. She also left a law career to have more freedom to travel. She inspires in a different way because she strives for a career besides traveling.

Esther from Esther Jacobs

Then I realized that I have a ‘travel writer’ that inspires me, namely Esther. The theme of freedom is also very important to her. She inspires because I recognize the action in her.

Wonderful Work(Wonderlijk werken)

A newsletter that is about freedom, but then in doing what you want yourself is from Wonderlijk werken. They always surprise with their perspectives on a subject. That is why I look forward and I am very happy with mail from Diana and Steven from Wonderlijk Werken.

Kitty from The Blog Academy (De blogacademie)

I’ve heard that you should always choose an odd number in your blogs so one more. Kitty’s blog academy. No, no she is not so fond of traveling and is now concerned with the climate. What appeals to me is her willfulness and how she loses herself in a good way. She wants to know all about it and shares it with everyone until she gets tired of a subject.

There are probably more that inspire me, but these are the most important. I love reading these five and I’m a little jealous of their writing style.

I wrote this blog for the assignment who inspire you with their Travel Stories from the Instagram Travel Stories writing course. It is a series of three assignments. You can read the other 2 assignments here: Assignment 2 describe your environment and 3 describe a violent or special moment in your journey.

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