Ubud, Hiking through the rice fields

Ubud, hike through the rice fields

Back in 2014 I was fierless and went on a Hike through the rice fields of Ubud. Ubud is a very busy city, with lots of tourist. Also it is the centre of religious Bali and art community. Back then it was also the place to be for digital nomads.

Busy Ubud

But I was looking for rest and quietness. That is when I discovered that
there was a hiking track surrounding Ubud. You start at the end of Ubud and
hike through the rice fields and the art villages. Each villages had its own
speciality in art.

The hike

It was a great walk. I loved the views and the art I saw on the way. The
path is not marked well so be aware of where you have to go. Have a coco in the
fields and a talk with the locals.

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