Varied vegetarian food

I have been eating less meat for a long time, but didn’t no how to vary with vegetarian food.  I’ve never really liked large cuts of meat. So when I saw the call to try the book 4 Weken Vega (sorry Dutch book, 4 weeks vega) I was ready to try it. When it comes to vegetarian food, I often do not get further than dishes with cheese, egg or ready-made meat replacements. So I was curious if this recipe book would serve me varied vegetarian food.

vegetarian food

Varied vegetarian food
The book consists of a diversity of vegetarian recipes for 4 weeks with even a shopping list per week. I did not stick to the weekly schedule, but chose a number of recipes to try. The choice was not easy, because there was a lot that seemed tasty. The recipes vary from soup to making your own veggie burgers. So no lack of variety.

vegetarian food

I have tried the following recipes:

  • I liked the naanbread so much that I also combined it with other dishes. And how easy it is to make. I still make these after my experiment.
  • Lentil soup –> How tasty and easy to make. I’m going to make it more often. I paired it with the naanbread mentioned earlier.
  • The Vega burgers were also a great success. I even really liked this one. Better than meat burgers. These too go into my repertoire to eat more often. I combined them naanbread. Yes again that naanbread.
  • I also made the tacos with beans and were very popular. I did not miss the meat at all.
  • I also tried the noodles with omelette. Very tasty. Lots of vegetables.
  • I wanted to eat the naanbread again so I made the pea spread. I will make my own spread more often. So easy and much more delicious than those from a jar or from the fresh section of the store.
  • I also tried the wraps with cauliflower and chickpeas. Another variant to eat more often.
  • I also tried the spaghetti with poached egg. The poached egg failed unfortunately, but was otherwise tasty. I think I’m just going to make it again.

vegetarian food

What I’m still going to make:

  • What I haven’t gotten to yet is to make my own falafel, but I’m going to try that recipe too.
  • The nacho dish seems tasty too. So it will be on the menu soon.
  • Pasta with arugula pesto also seems like something to make once.
  • I will also make the lentil curry.
  • The corn cakes will also be served.
  • Gnocchi with creamy sauce is also on offer.
  • The potato salad is also different from what I know, so I’m going to try that too.
  • The snacks also seem very tasty so I’m going to make tortilla chips from wraps, cheese sticks, bell pepper dip and chive dip.

I really enjoyed the week of vega that I did. And was surprised by the diversity of vegetarian options. I will definitely make recipes from this book more often. Do you also want to eat vegetarian now and then or are you vegetarian, then the book 4 Weken Vega is definitely recommended with the diversity of recipes and handy shopping lists. The recipes are easy to make and don’t take much time. With the code Guiselaine I can offer you a 10 euro discount on the e-book 4 Weken Vega.

Have fun cooking vegetarian and let us know which recipe you like best.

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