The bus

The mode of transport I like best is the plane with the long-distance bus afterwards. Both are great for sleeping. You have your little piece of yourself. I can also read on the plane, but not on the bus I get nauseous. All that’s left is to look outside, watch the world and sleep. I …

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Guiselaine Capella

Interview (14) Let me introduce you to Guiselaine

This interview was published on Women who are travelling! Interview (14) – let me introduce you to Guiselaine Name: Guiselaine Capella Nationality: Dutch Occupation: Travelling data analysis entrepreneur Me and my laptop will be my base for a while. I am intended to go wander the world fulltime as of half November, because traveling for …

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The ButterflyEffect

My life has been a rollercoaster for a while after I had a psychotic episode in 2010 during a vacation. It wasn’t all bad what happened. It helped me realize that I shouldn’t be dreaming only of doing something in the future. But that the future is now. Small Changes I started making small changes …

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How can one inspire others?

  A guest blog by Claudia Tavani A famous Italian travel blogger from Sardinia   I guess the short answer to my question is : “Just being your cool self.” And that is how Guiselaine inspired me. How we met Guiselaine and I met on a bus from Santiago to Baracoa, in Cuba, on 8 …

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