A simple Address book template in Excel

Address book template

With this template you can save all your adresses and phonenumbers of the people you know. There are a few benefits of having a Excel Address book above having it on paper:

  • When somebody moves or changes phonenumber you can easily change it without making a mess in the Address book.
  • If you save it in a place like dropbox, onedrive or googledrive you can Always use it on all your devices connected to those boxes.
  • You can look up things in different ways in Excel compared to in a ‘normal’ address book where you can only look up one way on alphabet. In Excel you can look up on their name, last name, Phone number, etc.

Address book Excel

Let’s get a look at the template. There are the following columns:

  • Name
  • Lastname
  • Subject
  • Phonenumber 1-6
  • Email
  • Address
  • Zipcode
  • City
  • Country
  • Comments

Search with Ctrl & f

You can look up things with ctrl+f. A box opens up in which you fill in the name or number you want to look up. It then searches for it and gives you the results.

Search with ctrl and f

Search with filter

On top of the file you see the filters. Open the filter. You can choose to sort alphabetically or choose all the names with an e. The first one sorts everything alphabetically on first name. You can sort alphabetically in each column. The second one gives you all the names starting with an e.

Search with filter

You can download the Dutch or English template. Have fun using the template.






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