Enjoying the sun on my shared roof terrace, I have to think back to my sunstroke a long, long time ago. You think that if you were born and raised on an island you know how to handle the sun, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Memory lane

We are going back to 5 VWO day out with the class. We go by boat to small Curaçao, a small island close to Curaçao. Seasickness, I know, that is bothering me. So sit at the top of the boat where the least swell is. But yes on the ‘larger’ island of Curaçao you usually stay in the shade or in the sun. I did not need anointing. So I’m on the boat without a cap in a bikini and shorts without an ointment. On the way there it went fine!

Auch, auch!

Arriving on the island there appears to be hardly any shadow there. The ignorance of a teenager in combination with hours in the sun are not a good combination. Lovely swimming, climbing lighthouse, barbecued and back by boat. But yes the next morning in the shower all blisters rash on my body and headache. So to the doctor, 1st degree heat stroke!The advice is: Stay out of the sun, drink lots of water on an island with daily sun!

Since then I have been careful with the sun, but I still enjoy it!

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