Sleep is overrated!


Sleep is overrated!

Hey Claudia,

How are you sleeping on the other side of the world? Because a goodnight sleep makes it easier to deal with life. You get a positive perspective on things and aren’t cranky. Yet it’s one of the most difficult things to get sometimes on the road. Especially in some hostels, not all.


First of all you are sharing a room with a lot of people. Depending on the hostel a female dorm or mix dorm. And everybody has his or her own sleeping habits, which can sometimes be pretty annoying. I don’t mind snoring. It’s most of the time a pretty even sound the whole night like an airco or fan. So you can sleep through it.

Speaking about airco and fan some hostels are too hot or cold to sleep properly. Sometimes you get in a fight with a roommate about the airco and fan or leaving the curtains open or closed, because everybody has his or own definition of cold/hot and how to deal with it.


But I guess the biggest problem for me is noise when you want to sleep. As there are morning and night person in the same room this can become a problem. Some travelers are really quiet in their doing not to wake others. I really appreciate that and try to be that too. Hopefully I am successful at that. But some are not and come in talking loud and going through their suitcase at 3 in the morning. They think that if you’re traveling and staying in a hostel this is part of the deal and you just have to deal with it.


This sometimes leaves me drained and tired and sometimes short tempered and stressed if this goes on for a long time. But there are several solutions for this.


A good solution is sleeping a few hours on the beach. Another solution I tried is go to Asia for a while and book for the same price as a hostel bed in Australia or even less a homestay with your private room with own bathroom. I will tell you this is heaven after hostel room sharing :-)! I slept in heaven for three weeks ;-). I caught up on sleep and built my resistance for hostel room sharing for the next few months :-). So back to the pacific region and room sharing with the knowledge Asia isn’t faraway with private homestays.

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