Self-Employed in Utrecht – Guiselaine Capella “combine business with traveling around the world is my dream”


Self-Employed in Utrecht – Guiselaine Capella “combine business with traveling around the world is my dream”

This article was published in Dutch in the Dutch online newspaper DUIC.

Utrecht has over 21,000 freelancers. Special colorful independent professionals, each with its own story. In the coming weeks you’ll find every Wednesday a portrait of a self-employed professional in Utrecht DUIC. Today the story of Guiselaine Capella ButterflyEffect and Databeet. This is the first episode of Laura Stassen, the new editor of this ZZP series.

“I am a location independent entrepreneur. Over the past five months I have traveled around Asia. In 2012 I started my company Databeet. Under this label I’m doing data analysis, I teach Excel and coach (PhD) students in the use of the computer program SPSS (This is a statistical analysis program). Last year I started beside Databeet ButterflyEffect. Under this label I make WordPress sites and I set up Google Analytics and Hootsuite for people. I also coach people in learning daily digital things that they can adapt in WordPress, Google Analytics and Hootsuite themself. ”

“I wander around the world and work anywhere and everywhere. Both inside and outside the Netherlands. Over the past five months, the region around the Pacific Ocean in Asia was my workplace. I have traveled through Singapore, Australia, Bali, New Zealand and Hong Kong. From there I had Skype contact with my customers in the Netherlands. So I worked from locations such as the library, cafes and beach bars. ”

“Freedom I find very important. The ability to work where you want and take the jobs that interest you. I also like the fact that you’re building something from beginning to end. You can see where there is room for improvement and change it right away. “”My favorite job was teaching in Buurthuis Rosa in Lombok, Utrecht. Especially the course “Starting with computer” I really liked teaching that. I had a student who didn’t like computers at all at the beginning. At the end of the six classes the student was proud to tell me that she had sent me a email. At that moment my heart leaps for joy and I am as happy as they are. ”

“My favorite working place is outside in the garden or in nature. Nothing is better than working, and  hearing the birds and to be around nature to me. Unfortunately working from such places is not always possible because of the weather in the Netherlands. That’s why I often work in the Netherlands, in places such as the library, Seats2meet and home. Despite the fact that I like to travel the world, I call Utrecht my city. Once I’m in Utrecht I feel at home, till the travel bug hits again. “”My dream is to live so that I can combine traveling the world and enjoying life with entrepreneurship. I do this for example by my collaboration with Loginc and offering swapping for example with De leefstijlspecialist, so that people without money can also use my services by exchange instead of money.”

Guiselaine Capella Edited by Laura Stassen. Do you also want to feature in this series? Please contact!

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