Seeing the stars


Seeing the stars

When I arrived in Australia in 2013, I had never looked at the starry sky. Yet that was and is my wish to look at the stars in the desert of Chile. I already got close to 4x.

Star watching Australia

In Australia on the way back from Ayers Rock we stopped to stare into the void of the red sand at the sky. The bus driver turned out to know everything about the heavenly bodies and told us what we saw. My first introduction to staring at the starry sky, a wonderful experience.

Maori and the stars

Two months later I booked a tour of stories of the Maori and the role of the celestial bodies in it. A beautiful evening looking through the telescope and defying the cold, the Maori legend was told by every celestial body. From the emergence of New Zealand from one of those heavenly bodies! Beautiful stories and actually quite plausible those legends.

Mantras at full moon

A few years later I was introduced to say mantras during the full moon. I was a yoga and meditation weekend in Mexico. At full moon we built a campfire, in which we burned a coco. My coco was called Coco Loco and should have carried it with me the whole weekend! It represented what you wanted to release. The scenario was beautiful! Beautiful beach with campfire and full moon. And a verse was said about winds, sun, and moon. I was the one who looked around with admiration and thought wow!

Tiny House and starry sky

A year later at Christmas I rented a Tiny house with a telescope to stare at the starry sky in the Netherlands. It finally happened to look at the Dutch starry sky. But unfortunately it was too cloudy and the only thing you occasionally saw was the moon.

Then the explanation in observatory in Utrecht. Beautiful explanation and representation what it should look like, but also overcast and inhabited here! So there’s nothing left for me to travel to the desert of Chile to watch the starry sky!

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