Reading is not relaxing


Reading is not relaxing

Bali in one word relaxing. Totally different from western world, but sometimes it can also be frustrating. I mostly went to Bali to relax and take a break from Australia which was really getting to me. I found this in Bali … most of the time.

The beach was relaxing, walking in the rice fields was. Even being talked to all the time was ok. But a few things got to me and got me totally frustrated. Before I dulge into this I must say these things frustrated me because of my character and others mind like it. And I had a really wonderful time there and would visit again to relax, maybe than these things wouldn’t get to me anymore.

It seems that everybody wants to sell something to you. You are the walking cash machine. Of course we may have in general more means then people living there, but this doesn’t give people permission to try to milk you or get angry at you for not going into their shop.

Another thing that got to me is. That as people see you reading they think you should relax. And relax means in Bali doing nothing or talk to each other. Remember, as I told you before I am an extreme introvert, who enjoys talking to others, but in small doses. But in Bali there is no small doses, one after the other wants to talk to you. And me being nice I answer them all, but then at the end of the day I am exhausted and fled to my room to read in quiet peace.  😀

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