Pearls you meet!


Pearls you meet!

Hey there,

I walk around with an ereader full of blogs I wrote that would suite on here or on Databeet. But due to an unplanned encounter I had in Brisbane with the writer of Boots to bliss. I decided to write another one about encounters that just happen in my life.

This something remarkable that has been happening to me since 2011 when I started to open up for answers to change my life. Before 2011 I was already looking for answers, but they were hard to find. But at the moment and for quite a while they have been thrown at me. Which is kind of nice!

It happens in the form of people I meet, chats I have, books I read and art I see. It’s not exactly, precisely the answer at that moment. But mostly something in the story of that person gets me thinking and I come with a solution or an idea.

It’s like the universe is helping me to shape a better me than the one  before. Remember the blog ‘A glimpse of a possible future?‘ that was also one of the pearls I met that led to some small changes in my travel plans.

The pearls aren’t all shinning sometimes they enhance lessons to be learn, like my encounter with myself during wwoofing. But mostly this pearls are beautiful people who enter my life and remember me of something. I will give you two examples to make it more understandable:

  • My encounter with a Japanese roommate left me thinking about being playful and laugh a lot. I forgot how playful you could be with words and we had lot’s of fun about silly things.
  • From a Taiwanese roommate I learnt to be graceful to life and what is possible in it. I like the way she looks at the world and the grace she has for everything in it.

I can go on and on with more examples, but I guess with these examples you get the idea.

I am also learning through books. One of the books I read ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ says about this subject:

‘You meet and get the things you need when you are on the right journey for you and not busy with the result or how fast you can get the result’.

I kind of agree with this. It feels like at this moment I am at the place I have to be to learn more about myself.

I am enjoying both journeys profoundly. The most I got out of it till now is that I am learning to be kinder to myself. Still have a long way to go in that department, but It’s work in progress I guess.

See you pearl!

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