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Dreams about the world

Wander with me through the world of Travel, Hiking, Life & Entrepreneurship.



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Niks Met Cijfers

My Dutch website for people, who don’t like numbers but need them for their services or life.


Website Snappen

My Dutch website for people who want to know their website.

Kangaroo Island

A Few Words About Me

Life is about Wandering the world and wondering about it.

Live is about Wandering through worlds. The best way to do this is by hiking or reading books. With both of them a new world opens up.

The 4 life parts

Read about Hikes, Travel, Life and Entrepreneurship

Wandering the World

Wander with me through Hikes, Travel, Life & Entrepreneurship

Some of my


Besides Hiking and Travel I work as an entrepreneur. Here are some projects done by me.

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Guiselaine capella

The good and bad times

I always thought Australia was the continent with permanent hot weather, boy what was I wrong. I started by arriving in the Darwin region when

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Guiselaine Capella

A traveling existence

This article was published on the online platform Atria meet (Atria ontmoet) in Dutch! Say you are going to continue your (working) life traveling for

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