Hotel zwembad

One thing I like about living in Eindhoven

Hotel zwembad

One thing I like about living in Eindhoven

There is a lot I don’t like about Eindhoven, but recently I realised that I actually like something about Eindhoven. I like that it is to far from Schiphol, the big Dutch airport for early morning flights. Because of this I get to stay the day before flying in Amsterdam.

Sometimes I stay with friends which is very nice, but a few times I decided to stay in a hotel with a free shuttle service to airport. So the last time I flew I choose for Van der Valk Schiphol again. I don’t get money for promoting them, but still I like to tell you what I like about the day before flying.

Check in time is at 2 O’clock the earliest. I try to be there around to to check in on time and enjoy my stay for the fullest.

After check in and putting my Luggage in the room. I go to the restaurant for my free drink and a small bite. The small bite is not free but good. After that I head to the swimming pool for a swim. If you are there early it’s not that busy. I swim for an hour and then head to the Welness for the sauna and turkish steam thing. A plus of this is that in the Welness and swimmingpool swim gear must be on all times. In Holland this is not normal for Welness, but I like it. Nothing to see what you don’t want to see.

Soaked and happy I retrieve to my room for some reading in the bathtube. Such a nice treat. After a good night sleep I am more then ready to fly.

Do you have a ritual before flying?

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