Not an artist anyway


Not an artist anyway

The Draw Four Days (tekenVierdaagse) of the Betekenaar is just over. It makes me think. I like to try to sketch something very simple in the way that Betekenaar strives for. Unfortunately, I can’t do more than that. I always try, but always find that drawing is not in my genes.

For a long time I even thought that I could not draw until I discovered the lessons of the Betekenaar and discovered that I can sketch with symbols.

Where does this conditioning come from that I can’t sketch?

This must have started at kindergarten. My happy memories there are the climbing a frame and a fair at school where I was allowed to pull a rope to find a gift at the other end.

My less pleasant memories are drawing. My drawings were called jojogogo at kindergarten. I made those circles and scratches as drawings at the time. Yet I have experienced a painting highlight at kindergarten. I was good at mixing colors with paint. This created a beautiful blue sky until I realized that it also needed birds. Bye beautiful blue sky, bye career as an artist! Welcome sketchen!

I now have a notebook with empty pages on the left and pages lined on the right. Perfect for practicing sketching, but I’m still scared and stick to words. Unfortunately ….

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