No worries!!


No worries!!

Hola Amiga,


Every country has a thing they say a lot. Here in Australia it is ‘No worries’. In the meaning it’s ok. You get used to this mentality that when it isn’t there you think something is wrong or you are in another country, because ‘no worries’ is always there. At least that is what I thought till I met the driver from hell!


He definitely didn’t get the ‘no worries’ at school or where ever they learn it. It was a crazy first part of the bus ride with this bus driver. It started with me asking if he knew if the bus would stop at Two Wells a suburb of Adelaide. I got scolded at for asking such question, because he only goes half way and I should know that he only knows that part and that I should ask the next driver for the second part. Ok!

And then a girl needed to pee. Most of the time you get out at one of the stops do your thing and get in, but this driver told the girl when she came back from the toilet that he was the only one who decides when she can pee. The girl was almost crying.


We were driving again and then two girls where talking sign language with each other on the bus, because one of them is deaf. And they were having fun and one of them got the giggles and couldn’t stop. Everybody was turning heads and looking at them and a smile appeared on everybody’s face. Almost everybody….. The bus driver stopped and walked to them and said to them they should stop laughing because they are disturbing the peace and quietness of the bus. This was too much for everyone on the bus so everybody started to say to the bus driver that it was ok that they were laughing. They weren’t disturbing anybody.

The bus driver then got back after the wheels again and  never talked to us anymore. He just stopped on the way but didn’t tell anybody if they could get out or not, etc.

So you could imaging our happiness when a new driver appeared and told us ‘no worries’ you can get out of the bus and get something to eat. And then everybody relaxed and was back to the ‘no worries’ mode.

I guess the no worries could be compared to the mañana  in a way. I guess you must have come across that a lot in the almost three weeks on the road.




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