Flower tea

Edible garden

My next home will have a garden or a balcony on which I can cultivate edible plants. Besides that it is hard to move in Holland my knowledge of edible plants besides fruits and veggies is none excisting. So to do something about this I joined two workshops this spring.

edible flower

Wild picking

On a grey Saterday I went to the Genneper parc in Eindhoven where Linda of natuurlijke verbinding gave a workshop about wild picking. We walked through the park and she pointed us to edible plants/flowers in the wild (parc). We tasted them and some of them were very good. She also gave some warnings about wild picking, like be aware of ticks, worms and pollution of cars.

Flower tea

Edible flowers

The first workshop made me want to know more. So I booked the workshop edible flowers with Geertje of wandeloogst. And again on a grey Saterday (it is Holland so don’t expect sun) I went to Graafse Akkers in Den Bosch for the workshop. It is a really big garden in the middle of town, a beauty. We started with some flower tea and then walked with Geertje around the grounds with her pointing to flowers and telling us how we could use it. And of course we tasted all of them. Each flower has it owns specific taste.

Savory flower butter

Flower lunch

After a while we dived the group and everybody went about to make lunch of the flower harvest. We had two types of herb butter one with savory flowers and one with sweet flowers. Kind of a omelette pancakes with flowers, some more flower tea and flower lemonade. It was great to see what can be made of flowers and how to combine them in tea.

Preparing the flower

More edible flowers please

These two experiences were great and tasted of more. I can’t wait to move and experiment with flowers, but unitl then maybe a autumn workshop edible flowers.

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