Rio Largatos

My first introduction to a retreat

Rio Largatos

My first introduction to a retreat

As I told in the hunger knock blog I went on retreat in Rio Largatos, Yucatan, Mexico for the necessary reflection and relaxation. A bit of yoga and meditation that I can handle and nice to experience a fire ceremony. Probably the same as a campfire with meditation, right?

We had a Coco at the start of the weekend that we had to name and represented our blockages and we had to drag it to everywhere we went. Yes, everywhere you went you walked with a Coco in your hand!

I named my Coco Coco Loco and stood for letting go of the past and future to live in the now. Ok nobody knows me in this village so walking around with Coco that will work out if that is the strangest thing this weekend. I will be fine.

We were also told that during the fire ceremony we were going to throw the Coco into the fire as a symbol for letting go. No problem, please!

After a delicious shrimps meal, fishing village, so tastier and fresher you can’t get. We went by boat to a deserted beach. Sky full of stars, blowing wind, sound of splashing water and an occasional boat. The fire was lit while we watched the stars.

When the fire was ready we were called to stand in semicircle around the fire with the Cocos in front of us. As an introvert, I had prepared myselve to share something small about the blockages. So check I was ready! Yes?

We were going to participate in the entire fire ceremony with invocation of the elements, ancestors, earth and the four wind directions and the sky. OK, I had not prepared myself for that. Everyone in turn seemed to know how to do that and what to say. whole verses were chanted. It made me more and more nervous and I panicked a bit. THINK, THINK! Did they come up with those verses on the spot or had they prepared in advance? How stupid I was not to read about what a fire ceremony represents! The introverted mind that just doesn’t like living in action!

My turn: Thanks West, ohm!

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