Market the attention trigger


Market the attention trigger

When I go somewhere I always find out when there is a market. I love to browse markets. The market gives you a sense of life and gives you a little insight into the city and its people.

You have scant markets with only fruit, fish and cheese stalls and you have large markets such as Arnhem, Amsterdam and Utrecht where you can spend hours looking around.

You have weekly markets or what I call yuppies markets which are markets with food and handmade items. These are usually expensive markets, but fun to browse. Both types of markets attract different types of people. The weekly market people come for the daily groceries and at the yuppies markets people come as a day out. The yuppies markets often also have music and eateries where you can sit by a fire in winter.

Abroad, I usually buy fruit and snacks from the market to taste. At the larger farmers’ markets abroad you will often also find live animals that are negotiated. This is a very nice spectacle to watch those negotiations. In addition, in the South American markets people also walk in traditional clothing from the surrounding villages. You look your eyes out. Sometimes you are lucky and a local or a maternity seller wants to explain to you which costumes come from which village. Insiders information to feast on.

Unfortunately, the weekly market in Eindhoven is less exciting. A few vegetables, fruit, nuts, fabrics, fish and cheese stalls and then you’ve had it. The six months that I lived in Arnhem, I was spoiled with the big market practically at my door with everything and everything. That was worth a weekly outing.

I can’t wait for my next market abroad!

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