Long distance walking


Long distance walking

Together with a friend I did a parachute jump and looking for the next challenge we ended up at the 4 Days of Nijmegen, long distance walking. It is a beautiful event, but the crowds both along the side line and in it is not for me. I finished it in 2009 and in 2016 I was watching in Cuijk. What a rush, but also nice to see the pain on the faces of the participants and the determination to walk it out, beautiful. You recognize the fight of your own hiking. It was certainly a fight. It is tough to walk 40 km for 4 days in a row.

I still find training better than walking an event, because the event also involves the decibel of music. For me as an introvert, the hustle and bustle is a bit too much. In comparison, walking the Camino de Santiago is an oasis of peace where you have time to turn inside. At least the Portuguese route I walked.

Both require persistence and going beyond your physical limits of fatigue to walk them out. Time and again I am amazed at how deep you can go physically to draw strength to cross the finish line. There is always a spare energy to draw from when you think the barrel is empty. It is no longer about fitness, but about moving forward step by step.

At the end you are tired, satisfied, proud and you feel all the aches of suffering. Wonderful to experience, definitely recommended to do once in a lifetime. You against the kms.

If you also want to learn to hike more days hike, you can follow this course.

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