Living your dreams!


Living your dreams!

Lucky me

Some people are meant to be in your life. You share a passion for something with them. They make you think about things, wonder about things, laugh and take up challenges in your life. I am lucky to have a few of these people in my life. One of them is Claudia, we met in January 2013 on our travels in Cuba. We discovered we share a passion for travel and are both introverts. After Cuba we kept in touch inspiring each other with our travels on opposite side of the world.


Once back in Europe the opportunity came to meet again. Claudia doing a travel design course in Rome, Italy. Me a digital nomad who can work from everywhere saw an opportunity to see Rome through the eyes of an Italian Islander. So we settled on a date and of I went to Rome. We had a wonderful time me exploring the city by myself when Claudia had classes and in the afternoon with Claudia as a private guide ;-)! How cool is that?

Taking up your dream!

Of course we talked about travels and the travel design course Claudia was doing. But the nice thing is that after the course she is going to Latin America to be a tour leader! I am happy for her, but a bit jealous that she is going to skip another European winter to travel. She is going even further with her dream in the future she is going to be a travel consultant! She has a successful blog about Latin America and Sardinia. Talking to her about her plans and being in Rome, got me inspired and started dreaming again of my life as a digital nomad and making new travel plans. For now I will settle for following Claudia’s adventures on her blog and digitally, but not for long. Because we will meet again in Latin America , Sardinia, Netherlands, Curaçao or any other part of the world.

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