Having your finances in order is a must if you have your own business or actually when you want to be free to do everything you want. Through the years I started investing in myself and my business. Besides that I started investing money to provide me with a retirement fund and passive income. Read about the steps I made and learned on my way to financial freedom in my blog.

I am using N26 as bank

N26 is an German online bank that is focused on travelers. With this bank you can get three type of subscriptions. The first one is free of subsciption fee. I have the second one, because this subscription fee includes a travel Insurance with lots of benefits and free withdrawal of you money everywhere in the world. Also you can make a max of 11 goals toward which you want to put money aside. It is easy to use, so join me in Using N26.

Bright pensioen

I am saving for later by letting Bright pensioen invest my money for me. They are doing a good job so far. You can join me at Bright pensioen by subcribing through the link and we both get some free certificates.


I use a few crowdfunding platformes. LendAHand is the one in which you can invest in third world country businesses. If you are not using the platform yet, you can use my link and you and me will both get 25 euro to invest in a business on LendaHand.