Guiselaine with questions


I will be interviewing experts frequently about a subject they know a lot about. They will get 10 questions to explain their knowledge about a subject. If you think you are a good canidate to be interviewed, please contact me.

Andres talks about Greentown Curacao

In episode 13 Andres Casimiri talks about Greentown Curacao. What are the plans? Who is involved? And what do they want? Which benefits are there for the Curacao community.

Avantia talks about being an artist on Curaçao

In episode 12 Avantia Damberg talks about what inspires her as an artist and being an artist on Curacao. You can find examples of the art of Avantia on her website.

Alex talks about having a business in decorating events

In episode 11 Alex van Lamoen talks about his events decorating business Inspiration. We talk about how he got started, his inspiration and the future of his business. You can find more about Alex and his business on his blog.

Lyndon talks about being a vet on Curaçao

In episode 10 Lyndon talks about being a vet on Curaçao. And also about how people treat their animals, which diseases are most common on the Island. The practice can be reached through Facebook online.

Palmira Brandao talks about Wandelen naar Inzicht

In episode 9 Palmira Brandao talks about how she helps people with choices in their life by using hiking. She is the owner of Wandelen naar Inzicht. The interview is in Dutch.

Siegmond van Lamoen talks about IAnimal

In episode 8 Siegmond van Lamoen talks about IAnimal and what they do on Curacao to educate people, especially the youth about animals. You can find I-Animal on facebook:…

Rino Groenenberg speaks about EMFs

In episode 7 I am interviewing Rino Groenenberg of Lowemflife about EMFs.  More about the Rino and EMFs can be found on his website.

Maarten Muis Speaks about Herstelreizen

In episode 6 I am interviewing Maarten Muis of Herstelreizen about peersupport travel. Maarten can be reached on or 06-46295116. More about the travel possibilities can be found on Herstelreizen.

David Hidajattoellah speaks about Big Data

In episode 5 I am interviewing David Hidajattoellah of Dataleer about Big Data. David started his own company recently. His website will be launched soon.

Teresa Limburg – Flores speaks about making your own jewelery with beads

In episode 4 I am interviewing Teresa Limburg-Flores of Kreatress about the making your own jewelery with beads. You can find more information about Teresa on her website as well as the jewelery she is selling and the workshops you can follow. There are subtittles available in English, please put them on in Youttube.

David Hidajattoellah speaks about research

In episode 3 I am interviewing David Hidajattoellah of Dataleer about the basics of research. David started his own company recently. His website will be launched soon.

Omar Zimmerman speaks about architecture on Curacao

In episode 2 I am interviewing Omar Zimmerman of Omar Zimmerman Designs about architecture. Omar started his own company in architecture and design recently on Curacao. If you want more information about Omar or see examples of his work visit his Facebook page: You can contact him on:

David Hidajattoellah speaks about statistics