I was going to be a vet …


I was going to be a vet …

In Curaçao you choose from a booklet what you want to study and if you’re lucky you’ll see the profession that belongs to that study in action. I worked at a vet during the holidays, so I was lucky to be able to taste the profession. I especially enjoyed assisting with operations! So no doubt for me and look at other studies. Because it is a draw study, I had to give up a second study. Quite complicated to find a second study that interests you. The tests showed that I was interested in everything but languages. I already knew the latter from my grades and my great difficulty in learning words. It was always a fight with the words. Grammar and listening test usually went well. So I didn’t make much progress with the tests.


Returning to the draw, I had drawn a very bad number, but luckily there were 11 minister places for all draw studies together that year. I was lucky, I was assigned 1 of those ministerial positions.

Later when I gave up veterinary medicine, I felt guilty for a long time about using a minister’s place and not completing that study. Long time I thought shit someone else might need that place badly. But over the years I confirmed that veterinary medicine was not really the study for me in terms of pharmacology and biochemistry. Dealing with animals does, I passed those subjects at once. I still considered doing animal management in Groningen, but then found Groningen too far.

What if…

I still think what if … Had I had a job abroad, for example, studying monkeys in the Amazon in South America or in a zoo in Africa.

I had to think again when I ran into the Livestock Museum during the Four Days Marches in Cuijk last year. I walked in curiously and had a chat with two vets. I had been taught by one. They got my grades and asked me about the reason for stopping. They offered me a tour, my private college. And effe came the feeling I will finish the study now …….

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