I am Dutch! but…….


I am Dutch! but…….

Mostly when you meet new people when traveling you say your first name and then people ask where you from. Most of the time you remember where people are from and not their name, at least that is how it goes with me. Mostly the conversation stops there or you ask about their travels.

But with me most of the time the conversation doesn’t stop there, when I answer I am from Holland. They pry further: ‘Did you live there all your life? But where were you borne? Your parents were are they from?

I take it as interest and as I am proud of my roots, they are part of my identity! I answer I was borne in the Dutch Caribbean, Curaçao. ‘Oh so you have a Curaçao passport?‘ No a Dutch one, its Dutch territories like Puerto Rico is to USA and Martinique to France.

Then people seemed satisfied and the questioning stops. I take this mostly as interest but some days I wonder about this ………

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