How to grow not in seize but as entrepreneur


How to grow not in seize but as entrepreneur

I am on a mission not only to improve myself, but also my business. So I look everywhere for answers in ways how to do this. As I like reading it’s my primary source for learning new business skills, but recently I discovered another form! Podcast ideal for people like me who can’t read in cars and buses and have to cover a lot of ground traveling with these. Not everything you read or listen to is useful but the next 5 things I am going to share with you were pretty useful to me in shaping me as an entrepreneur:

  1. Calimero Marketing: Good book to get to know how to do your online marketing. I can’t wait to read 3.0 (Sorry, Dutch book).
  2. De eierdoostheorie (The egg carton theory): Book about how to prioritize and what to do first (Sorry, Dutch book).
  3. Waanzinnige plannen: Hoe die te realiseren: A book full of examples how people achieved their goal although nobody believed they would succeed (Sorry, Dutch book).
  4. Lifestyle business podcast: About 25 minutes of advice about a subject you encounter as an entrepreneur.
  5. And websites/blogs from other entrepreneurs: I won’t give you a link to this one, because there are so many good ones. Just start reading them and you will find the right one.

Besides this talking to other entrepreneurs about their experience is a good way to build your business in not making the same mistake they made or do as they did in a certain situation. But the best teaching school in entrepreneurship is DOING it! It’s a harsh school and sometimes you feel like abandoning it. I can tell you, don’t! Just suck it up! And be prepared to go on, because there are a lot of beautiful things in being an entrepreneur!

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