How do you start entrepreneurship?


How do you start entrepreneurship?

Dare to start entrepreneurship is not the problem with me, but what you are going to offer is. I found out by first working as an employee. Something that I did with pleasure, but wanted to distance myself from.

My orientation towards entrepreneurship starts with searching on Twitter for independent entrepreneurs. I have already received the image of “large” organizations in my studies and employment. How do they do it? What do they offer? Am I competing with my old bosses? Will I deliver products that I like to make or especially products that generate money.

Networking, I have stayed away from as an employee, starts with me visiting them. And having, conversations with others about how they got what they want out of life. And with those who have just started or are planning to start.

I make a lot of versions of a business plan for myself and go back and forth between them. I practice with Excel and Access. It annoys me, because this is how I find out what I do not want to offer in my first years as an entrepreneur. That I can motivate some people, that I am good at explaining things and that I can learn something new quickly if I want are the things I am good at.

But after 5 years of entrepreneurship, it is time to start specializing in the direction that I am gradually taking. It is also actually indicated on my website under hire and customized workshops. Feel free to take a look and hear your input on how I can further specify the subjects mentioned there.

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