On this page I share the links of things I found that are handy for me in my business or/and travel. I call it hints, because with it is a hint to you to go use them too. I would appriciate if you use the links below for the hints, because sometimes you and me benefits from you using the link. We both get something and sometimes I alone benefit, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

Language learning with the app Drops

I am studying Spanish with the app Drops. I like it because it is different from Duolingo which I also use. Later more on that one. It differs in it that you learn words in category and with pictures. At the moment I am learning al kinds of herbs, very handy for reading the menu. So join me on Drops.

Language learning with the app Duolingo

I am studying more Spanish with Duolingo too. I like it that Duolingo has short stories in which you learn interactive new words. It goes further than the basic Spanish. So join me on Duolingo.

I am using N26 as bank

N26 is an German online bank that is focused on travelers. With this bank you can get three type of subscriptions. The first one is free of subsciption fee. I have the second one, because this subscription fee includes a travel Insurance with lots of benefits and free withdrawal of you money everywhere in the world. Also you can make a max of 11 goals toward which you want to put money aside. It is easy to use, so join me in Using N26.

Bright pensioen

I am saving for later by letting Bright pensioen invest my money for me. They are doing a good job so far. You can join me at Bright pensioen by subcribing through the link and we both get some free certificates.


I use a few crowdfunding platformes. LendAHand is the one in which you can invest in third world country businesses. If you are not using the platform yet, you can use my link and you and me will both get 25 euro to invest in a business on LendaHand.


By investing in new products and firms with Seedrs as a new investor you and I can get some extra investing money if you use this link to subscribe and invest your first money.


I invest in shares and other things with Degiro. I like the easiness of their app. We could both get 20 euro to invest if you use this link to also get an account at Degiro and start investing.

Earn some pocket money with Euroclix

Everyday I get two to three emails in my mailbox and I click in them on the clix and get some pocketmoney. Sometimes there are surveys to fill in then you earn more pocket money. You can do this too by signing up through this Euroclix link.

Templates Excel

I made some templates in Excel that I used or still use. So I thought why not share them with you so you can also benefit from the Excel templates? They are easy to use and have a blog that explains how to use them. If you have a question about them, email me.

Reality Keeper

Do you want to be more aware of your use of Social media? We (me and one other person) developed the app Reality especially for this. The app is free and will help you with what Social Media makes you feel. You can download it in Google appstore and Apple store. More information on Reality Keeper you can get here. books

I am a minimalist. So most of my books are digital or I sell them after reading. On this page you can find the books I am selling at the moment for a nice price at


Sometimes I sell or give things away for free. I Always use Marktplaats for that. So browse through the things and see if there is something you like.