I love hiking! So I decided to make hiking part of my working life. You can join me for a few kind of walks:

A listing hike

I hike with you and listen to everything you want to tell me or spar about. We walk for 1 – 2 hours and I listen to you and if you want you get advise.

Wandelen naar Jezelf

In cooperation with Herstelreizen I organize Hiking vacations. The vacations are 5 days almost everything included from 400 euros. In September 2020 we will go to Vlieland and in 2021 we will walk the camino Ingles.

You will be hiking almost everyday, on average about 10-12 km. Besides walking there will be workshops on improving yourself and getting to your goal.

Hike & Idea

In 2020 in corporation with Wandelen naar Inzicht  you can come on a weekend or a week to Germany or Portugal where we will stay in a nice appartement/house and hike and work on your ideas. How can we develop them further and make a business of it or a project. Read more about Hike & Idea.

Contact me for exact dates, price and features.