I love hiking! So I decided to make hiking part of my life.

4 Daagse van Nijmegen

I started with hiking in 2009 when I was training for the March of Nijmegen. 4 Days hike of each day 40K. It was hard, but i love the hikes in nature when I was training. So I decided to keep on hiking, but never again hike 40K in one day.

Camino the Santiago

In 2016 a dream for me came true when I hiked the Camino Portugues, the Camino de Santiago from Lissabon. I hiked about 700K in 40 days. It was a beautiful experience and exhausting.

Wandelen naar Jezelf

In cooperation with Herstelreizen I organize Hiking vacations. So far we walked on Ameland and Terschelling and did some workshops about what you want in life. The hikes are short, about 10K.


Last year I started in April with hiking the Pieterpad. It is a hike from North of The Netherlands to the South. If you walk all you hiked from Pieterburen near Groningen till St.Pietersberg near Maastricht. I hiked 1/4 in 2019 and hope to finish it in 2020.

I also do other hikes read more about them in my blogs and watch part of the routes on youtube.