Hike & Idea

Hike & Idea

Hike & Idea

Do you also have that you have all sorts of ideas and would like to launch them in practice, but don’t get it? We (Palmira and Guiselaine) offer you the chance to do this in the weekend of 28 February to 1 March 2020 in Germany.


We are just across the border of Almelo in Germany, a beautiful nature reserve. Where we will make 2 beautiful walks that weekend.

Idea to Result

Based on conversations with each other (during the walks) and 3 workshops, we get started to turn your idea into a plan. Your idea is turned into a mood board, a step-by-step plan is made and first steps online are made. In addition, through Human design we look at what suits you (your goal here on earth). Material is provided for all workshops.


All meals are included from Friday evening dinner until Sunday afternoon lunch. We also provide snacks and drinks. You sleep in a 2 or 3 person room where you have your own bed. If you want a private room, you can do so for a surcharge.

Not included

transport to the location.


The whole weekend costs 330 euro per person including everything mentioned above. With a minimum of 4 people we will go.