Half the population


Half the population

Half the population

Although half the population is women, the wealth isn’t split fair between men and women. Man make 3 to 4 times more money than women. Also they are less likely to experience violence in their life. It starts at home with the upbringing, the education we get. Men are still seen as stronger and the one who gets the opportunity to work and earn money. Although science and donations have proven that if you give a woman money it is spend on the family. By this the next generation of her off springs women and men get better education and there for better jobs and better opportunity in life. There are lots of books dealing with this subject, but I will mention my favorites here.

I am Malala

This book I am Malala deals with the subject how hard it is for young girls to get an education in some countries. They have to literary fight for their right on education. Bringing their own life in danger. Is it worth it? Maybe not for the girls who die but for change in the country on the look on girls YES!

Lean in

The book Lean in speaks about how women should support each other in getting that higher function like men do. Woman who want to climb the career ladder don’t only have to deal with their mostly male superior but also with outsiders having an opinion on women going for a career.

De dagboek van Anne Frank (Memoires of Anne Frank)

Memoires of Anne Frank is a book about The second World War through the eyes of a young Dutch Jewish girl. She is hiding for the Germans and goes through puberty without the freedom to explore it, but still she dreams of having a life.

The girl who played with fire & The girl with the dragon tattoo

Some men write about power woman as their main character. This books deals with a girl in the still men’s world of computers and internet. Actually it is a series of books with the same female character working in the obscure world of internet.

To me this subject isn’t there yet so we should support each woman in what ticks her or drives her.

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